Prepaid Block of 20 Service Hours

$1,700.00 $1,200.00

Pre-purchase 20 Service Hours to receive a 30% discount in addition to Priority Response.

SKU: 20-block


Avoid surprise labor costs and leverage pre-payment discounts to your advantage. Unexpected service costs can arise for a number of reasons ranging from scope creep to catastrophic failure. It’s practically impossible to foresee all additional labor hours that will be needed for any given annuum or project, but by planning ahead with prepaid service hours you can mitigate — or altogether eliminate — the additional costs of those labor hours. Prepaid blocks of 20 service hours from Mid-County P.C. come with these advantages:

✓ 30% prepayment discount: ($500)
✓ Priority Response: Service within 24 business hours of Service Ticket Submission
✓ No hidden fees: Any overtime charge (by customer approval only) will be deducted from remaining hours
✓ Low minimum deductions: 1 hour minimum for on-site service, .25 (1/4) hour minimum for in-house/remote access/help desk services
✓ Hours never expire: Remaining hours can be rolled over to subsequent budget cycles indefinitely
✓ No project/scope restrictions: Hours can be utilized for any of our service offerings or transferred to other departments (within the same company/region)

Allocate wisely by incorporating one or more blocks of hours into your next annual or project budget.


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